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Facebook Timeline for brands due end of February: here’s how to prepare – Simply Zesty – Simply Zesty

23 Feb

Facebook Timeline for brands due end of February: here’s how to prepare – Simply Zesty – Simply Zesty.

A couple more days for Feb to end.. have you got your brand pages all sorted out and ready for the best possible review???

Here is how you can…




The Loaded Question- How do we measure your Social Web Strategy???

22 Feb

Well then, so it is often one of those highly dreaded questions for the likes of marketing/PR/Advertising/Sales/ well almost any department that needs to prove results…

Quite often when the boss turns up to ask where and how she can see measurement, I usually squirm and shiver because so far when it comes to offline marketing and PR it has been  very difficult to showcase and collate results without a lot of ground work and a whole lot more budget for to do so.

I always like to stress with valid argument that it is the effort put in that matters, the rest is all fate/ luck/ timing/ whatever you would like to call it, honestly very tiring and also very de motivating as one is hard pressed for time before the next big event occurs and one has to stop all analytics and focus on the main work.

Want to know something cool…


With the various range of detailed tools available both free and at a nominal price tracking your progress has never been easier and figuring out how to deal with your strategy, finding loopholes and most importantly showing results right off the back to your boss is so much easier; even the drawbacks say of the product, the design, the usability, all of it.

Lets check out some of those tools,

So lets start with a free one…

Simply Measured is a seriously interesting tool as it allows you to access and check out your competitors rating in the social media world. Well it also does other things like facebook, twitter  analysis and social media monitoring. The reason I think this is so important is because along with checking out your own stats you also can monitor a close competitor and see what they are doing and  how you can either benefit or differ from them (as you like your sugar with your cup of tea :P)

As far as I can see and have researched on the internet I have seen a free trial version and not much on payment, so I say it is free.


Social Flow  is a tad bit expensive than free… priced at $1, it is a nifty little tool that has been brought on by the same creators as TweetDeck and Bit.ly both very awesome Social Media Analysis tools, this one is a bit different, it tries to limit and focus your ‘social flow’ to the right kind of audience, okay it is sort of one step above and beyond the regular analytic tool, but it offers information that could potentially help re structure your social web plan. The beauty of this is it realizes that at no point is there a perfect plan, and therefore adjusts in addition to analyzing and measuring.

Okay lets get to some real measuring tools now, ones that measure the heck out of your progress and show it all in one place. Up until now a lot of analytic tools showed one particular site on which you may have been hosting a part of your Social Web Media Plan; with this smart tool you can check up on twitter, facebook, youtube and bit.ly all in one place.


The name? Twenty Feet an awesome site that firstly gives you a forever free statistic analysis on your Facebook and Twitter account, and also get other options for a small fee,

As quoted on toprankblog.com,

“It pings you when events are triggered and costs less than a Starbucks “blah blah latte” for an entire year. I can see it as a handy tool for a small business or no budget situation where you want to track basic social media sites. The site is run (and funded) by a German web agency in Wiesbaden called //SEIBERT/MEDIA.”


So there you go, the social media measuring tools that I think are the best on the web. Mind you there are a whole range of other tools, I just wanted to check out some of them that might have been different from the regulars as well as top ranking for 2011. I love the idea that you can truly measure your outcome and find out where you may have stepped in a puddle. I believe that 9/10 of solving a problem is knowing the problem itself.

The Social Web has enabled a whole lot of things for people, but along with making the world a truly global market, it has enabled for hopefully better feedback venues. What one does with the feedback is an entirely different question, but the ROI- Return On Investment of Social Web PR is beyond the analytic s or trends or keeping up with the Joneses… it is about realizing the value of the market tomorrow and making as much use of that today_ at least this is a small learning from my side.

Please do share your comments and hope you enjoyed reading!

Peaches and Social Web Creme Fresh!


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Let me know if your company can get leverage using these tips?

Does Social Media cross the barriers of expensive marketing, PR and advertising campaigns???

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peaches and Social Web creme fresh!!


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