Digital Body Language: Virgin America tackles cross-identity marketing

9 Feb


Virgin America

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Digital Body Language: Virgin America tackles cross-identity marketing.

I find it interesting that when I used to work as a sales associate in a clothing brand and I had to ask the purchaser their details for updates and regular news about the product, I was often given a shunned response or a cold shoulder, however with the coming of social media… there are easier less ‘intrusive’ ways of getting to the customer.

Check out the article, and let me know what you think about Virgin America’s approach to this…

Has the world of social media indirectly forced people to revoke their rights to privacy?

In other words, do you beleive that you are not a private person as long as you are on the internet?


6500 pins and counting!

8 Feb

    Pinterest Logo has had a lot of publicity lately, 6500 pins on Pinterest and counting!!

I love the idea that people have so much to offer on the internet and this simple website, which  a lot of brands are trying to penetrate has unassumingly made silent underdog blog sites and posts the winners of publicity. Whats even cooler is that it is not controllable, only if someone actually likes a pin will they ‘re-pin’ it.

So what is being shown and visually represented is very important in order for it to become a hit on the site… check out the recipes on the site.. yummmmmm!

Lots of love


The maddening and addictive world of Social Media…

8 Feb

Giving a Public Relations professional a new tool is like giving Sheldon from Big Bang Theory an equation he cannot solve…

One gets consumed… time tends to fly by without me even noticing and I am finding myself saying, “OK only till 4 15pm after that I have to prepare for that meeting…”

Well after a little bit I look at my little clock on the laptop and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, its been 45 mins since !

And what was yours truly doing well, she was busy trying to understand the dynamics of Social Media, enthralled by the idea that there is so much control but still very little management because of the vast and varied amount of information put forth on the web.

Along my musings over the different websites and products that have used social media to become popular I remembered a particular product that actually pulled me into it through the means of social media itself.

Balsamiq – A brilliant sites that has created a product that help designers create mock ups.

Their motto-

Balsamiq is a small group of passionate
individuals who believe work should be fun
and that life’s too short for bad software.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

The reason they are on this nifty blog space… their own personal blog that is all about their product but also about personal tit bits on their personal lives, tips on cooking food, fun videos, etc. All of these things have really made their company endearing to the public and also allowed for the company to be in touch with their audience. There is no distance despite the fact that even the people that make the company are all in different parts of the world!

Check them out by clicking the word balsamiq… its pretty fascinating, their story.


How do I connect with you and more importantly how do you connect with me- Community Management Success in Canada

8 Feb

What is a community and why in the world should it be managed???

A community here refers to a products audience on the web. Of course the      web is so dynamic and vast that managing the amount of information and feedback one would receive from a project is a bit overwhelming. Thus the creation of community managers, people who can answer doubts, address comments, monitor tones, keep track of the kind of audience, all in all a person or team whose job is dedicated to understanding the feedback of the customer.

Sounds nice does it not?

And the best part is anyone can become one, it can be someone hired by a company itself or a self proclaimed community manager who takes it upon themselves to become a brand ambassador of sorts.

The key to becoming a success among your clients over the web is to keep in touch, there are a lot of companies out there that make sure they adhere to the current trend and stick to the outline of a blog/vlog/tweets/email updates/RSS/etc, but rarely do anything to keep their customers satisfied or even reach out to them.

The building of a community means the builder needs to monitor and establish a sense of responsibility over it.

Two examples of very good community management in my opinion is Future Shop  and cineplex movie blog.

Lets take the first one-

Future Shop-

Bright, easy going, lots of information, daily updates and lots of comments and queries on the products delivered. To me this is what a community manager should demonstrate if he/she were to show the many way in which you could reach out to a customer.

I also love the idea that they have designed their page with the techie in mind, forgetting the average customer, this does two things I feel, it makes even the most un tech person feel invigorated by the information

(a little known fact about the internet is that people ask questions and doubts much easily than in person as the feeling of judgement/pride/etc is masked by the lack of physical contact, ergo, you can fiercely state your opinion or innocently ask your question without feeling odd). 

This site is a prime example of that and you can see the community managers at work with different blog entries and a special tech blog that details the specs and features of products sold at future shop. To me this shows the amount of people out there who are interested in sourcing and giving information. 


Another site I like is the Cineplex movie blog, I find that it is quite interesting with different feature, articles, ratings, etc.

You have professional blogger to simple people who just want to write up about the latest movies on the blog, I find that it enables people to feel more connected to the theater company.

After all one of the most important things for an organization like a theater company is to make the movie experience a whole lot more fun. In the old days it was through specials during intervals, comic book characters making an entrance before a particular show, etc. Now days its about how savvy your online site is, does it help the customer choose his/her movie. Lots of people these day only want to watch movies that are worth going to the cinema for, in relation to finding it on the net/ getting a dvd/ waiting for it to come on the tele.

These two are effective examples of community managements led by Canadian Organizations in my mind.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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Heineken Serenade on Facebook APP

6 Feb


Heineken Serenade on Facebook.

What an idea!!

Using a funny app to attract customer and create a stir on facebook, it is all everybody is talking about lately at the office… whether you drink alcohol or not you want to try it out.

Makes dating less of a challenge, enables a conversation about Heineken, and give you total recall.

Now this is an awesome PR activity!

HOWEVER, it is already 4 days old, and the question remains about whether it will actually be a ROI… what do you think?


Why Facebook is worth so much money « « The Equity KickerThe Equity Kicker

3 Feb



Why Facebook is worth so much money « « The Equity KickerThe Equity Kicker.


I mean come on!! I was just talking about my love for Facebook and news like this makes me believe it will just keep getting better and better!

When you view the article you get to see how many people around the globe are on this site,

its manic, its dynamic, its comfortable, its intuitive, it gave us weird games with farm animals, it made sure your boy friend never missed your birthday, it gave you your 15 minutes of fame (be it in your town/college/office) it created a whole new spin on the idea of ‘GEEKDOM‘.

FACEBOOK is iconic in changing around the social media hemisphere, detailed databases, people willing to give their information, brands flocking to create pages and new updates on their products even establish a clear cut fan following. Open forums for brand wars amongst their audiences, you name it (w/o too much violence :P).

All of this and I still feel the tool has still not exhausted new and innovative ways to decipher the market and audiences.

Let me know what you think


CTRL ALT DEL Is My Next Book | Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Blog – By Mitch Joel at Twist Image

2 Feb

CTRL ALT DEL Is My Next Book | Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Blog – By Mitch Joel at Twist Image.
An interesting pitch…

A new book by Mitch Joel!!


BMW UK | BMW Z4 | The BMW Z4 in 3D Augmented Reality

1 Feb


BMW UK | BMW Z4 | The BMW Z4 in 3D Augmented Reality

Something you can live without,

But hey if you got a chance to ride around in the Z4 as if it were a ride at Disney Land…

would you not indulge???

Try it out and let me know what you think!!


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opps… I forgot to title this… Other Than The Big Four

1 Feb
Image representing mufin as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
Well, as usual this weeks module involved a lot of practical wandering around the web and I must say that I am almost overtly fascinated by the numerous learning and reconstruction of communications through social media.
Butthen I guess its also probably because it is such a new field… it beats the mundane uses and methods of communication.
Anyways so I looked at two different LBS’s, Foursquare and Uberlife.
Both were interesting and had different things to offer, except they were not very user friendly for Blackberry and in India the service was pretty bad.
Ifeel a lot of the main clients for such companies are the BIG companies such as Starbucks or Burger King, it is rare that you find these in places like India where international business laws are a bit restricted. (the one huge exception being Walmart and Ikea which will be launched but only in tier 1 cities of India). But of the two I would say that Uberlife was more innovative and allowed for a user to explore different things such as whether a friend was close by or what were the plans for the evening through comments. I love looking through restaurants with new cuisines and a lot of my friends ask me to recommend places to them.
india calcutta bookstore Oneadded advantage of having such service apart from the examples mentioned in the module would be create categories for your social circle, such as ‘foodie’ or ‘fashion expert’ or whatever and therefore enable a community of friends to mention certain brands (the trick here is to limit the  listing to those featured in the lbs), and explore, become loyal, comment and asses the brand for themselves. Thereby making the branding process a lot different from an advertisement coaxing the potential customer to become loyal, here the process is personal, self derived and indirect.
For the Discovery Engine, I looked at Mufin for my music and I found it amazing, I was able to source different kinds of music from all over the world, manage my files on the internet so I never have to worry about a broken hard disk and I get to check out music from so many people (if they are willing to share).
It was pretty awesome and I believe can be a great tool to measure and gauge the hits and searches for particular songs. Also with the right SEO method it is possible to optimize a particular product to show up in the beginning of the search or ‘discovery’ pattern. This can really help those products and services that are local not based with huge companies have the potential to make it big.
The AR app I chose was that BMW Z4- My boss is a BMW fan and so I experimented by having him try it out.. It was pretty cool, yes it is very expensive but one of the cool things about apps like this is that it generates a whole dimension of potential buyers.
Companies who use this probably should be those that have a lot of revenue to do this as well as need to be up to date with interesting technology to wow their audience and hopefully get a larger crowd and an extended audience.
AR can help to test the market and also used as a measurement of what features were used in the AR of the product to better understand the USP and the visibility factors of the product.
PRis all about changing perceptions. programs like these help by allowing  people to dream, and then try and realize their dreams.
(A lot of my comments cater to developing companies and start ups as I specialize in PR/ Branding in this category, the shift was made because I had worked for Unilever/ Emirates Airlines/etc and felt the challenge reduce because of huge budgets and such, but what about those companies that do not have such budgets? programs like these really help optimize their public persona and accompanied with blogs, facebook, linked in and the other tools helps create a shift in market trends)
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Little Things Bloggers Crave

1 Feb

Little Things Bloggers Crave.

Interesting little article I thought

The funny thing about blogging is that it is exhilarating and brilliant to get a reach. Especially for those who are working on products and services. A blog is almost the equivalent of a website, well it is a website, but here’s the thing

it is a website that is personal

it allows for the customer to feel for the product or service you have to offer.

need I say more?

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