The maddening and addictive world of Social Media…

8 Feb

Giving a Public Relations professional a new tool is like giving Sheldon from Big Bang Theory an equation he cannot solve…

One gets consumed… time tends to fly by without me even noticing and I am finding myself saying, “OK only till 4 15pm after that I have to prepare for that meeting…”

Well after a little bit I look at my little clock on the laptop and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, its been 45 mins since !

And what was yours truly doing well, she was busy trying to understand the dynamics of Social Media, enthralled by the idea that there is so much control but still very little management because of the vast and varied amount of information put forth on the web.

Along my musings over the different websites and products that have used social media to become popular I remembered a particular product that actually pulled me into it through the means of social media itself.

Balsamiq – A brilliant sites that has created a product that help designers create mock ups.

Their motto-

Balsamiq is a small group of passionate
individuals who believe work should be fun
and that life’s too short for bad software.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

The reason they are on this nifty blog space… their own personal blog that is all about their product but also about personal tit bits on their personal lives, tips on cooking food, fun videos, etc. All of these things have really made their company endearing to the public and also allowed for the company to be in touch with their audience. There is no distance despite the fact that even the people that make the company are all in different parts of the world!

Check them out by clicking the word balsamiq… its pretty fascinating, their story.



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