The Blog Roll – Personified

31 Jan

So this post will outline my Blog Roll list of bloggers and why I chose them specifically. Please note that on my blog roll I have assigned my own nick names for the bloggers/ once you click on them you get to see the actual names of their blogs. I wanted to have a personal touch while I hosted them on my site.

  1. Brian Solis -AKA- The Main Man

Well the PR Guru himself, a man who has brought about enormous change to the PR community since the 3 short years I have been in the field of Public Relations. His books inspire, his words never fail to communicate their intent and most of the time you can relate to him on a Human Level. One of the reasons I continued with Public Relations was because of him. The subject is easy enough to understand… I think not, it takes a mind that is good at multitasking, easily adaptable, adores change and worships the idea that “anything is possible”.

     2.   Darren Rowse – AKA- The Teacher

Upon taking the assignment I had a lot of questions in my mind, the book and the course content notes were good, but inadvertently I stumbled upon this blog site that helped me understand the basics of blogging, not to mention a range of articles mentioning and detailing the uses of RSS the different readers available, the fact that we can actually put our followers on emailing lists. All of the previous statements may implore upon your mind to question if I even live in this era… however; I like many others have seen blogs understand that they present information but have no idea as to how the entire process is layed out. The Teacher helped me out in this and most of his work on the blog site gives tips, ideas, gust posts about how to keep improving upon your blog depending on what industry or purpose your blog serves.

     3.   Mike Sansone – AKA- The  Conversationalist

Now the thing that intrigues me about Mike is that even that even though the presentation of his site is simplistic,  defined and concise. He portrays a certain sense of drama. The kind that is very subtle but definitely visible when raked through with a fine toothed comb. When you look at his Bio/ Profile, you instantly understand why, he calls himself a ‘conversation conductor’, I mean honestly, how is that a title??? However; it exudes the drama that I originally felt when browsing his site. Interesting articles that read like conversations and brilliant ideas on how build and create communities seemed the perfect catch for my # 3 on the Blog Roll, look through his site and let me know if you feel the same way I do.

    4.   Jay Dolan- AKA- The Anti SM (Social Media)

Jay Dolan considers himself a satire artist and has based his blog solely on the Satire of Social Media. Well its always  interesting to play devil’s advocate and I felt being in the space with someone who will constantly question and offer a different point of view on the main topic I will be featuring on my blog, would help me to relate to any arguments/ discussions/ issues/ and other such topics related. We often take Social Media on a relative scale and do not really look at the other side. Jay comments on how to make your social media tools count for something more than bulk social branding, but true value branding. I like this take therefore I chose to feature him.

   5.    Joesph Jaffe – AKA- Social Web Juice

Joesph Jaffe has a very straight forward site but it is a mecca of information regarding social media tactics and ways to handle different situations one might fall into while working with social media. The best part of his blog is the number of ways he finds to communicate through other forms of Social Media. He literally uses his site as an example of the different ways to communicate to the web world. I am not saying that other bloggers don’t do this, but Jaffe really gets his way around better than most when doing this. The blog itself does not have many icons or ‘widgets’ on a side panel but the information to receiving feeds/ joining his video blog/ joining his podcast/ are all very well mapped out.  While I understand the use of a side panel with lots of little distractions to keep a viewer browsing through your site for a longer period of time; I find I focus on his personal work a lot more than I do on other people’s websites.On the other sites, I tend to get lost in the side bar/blog roll/ finding the RSS link/ etc. He saves my time and allows me to sift through information without being distracted.

   6.    Wayne Sutton – AKA- Wayne The Man

Wayne Sutton is a technology journalist, this is the main reason I chose to subscribe to his site.  I find that compared to the Golden Age back a couple 100 centuries ago, the world has now eclipsed all other forms of development. Some of it maybe mundane or redundant (Appify everything!!) but mostly I find tech professionals the people who test and trial and trouble shoot till they find new inventions/ ideas/ formats/ etc. Wayne helps with understanding social media like most other social media blogs, but he also comments and critiques the uses and processes of technology today.

  7.    Oliver Blanchard -AKA- The Builder

Oliver heads a blog called The Brand Builder, the interesting thing about this site is that it is specific to the field of branding. Whereas other sites on this roll speak about information development/ communication/ spread/ reach/ social web tools/ etc. Oliver speaks about the Social Media specifically through a creative and innovative lens or approach in the context of branding.

  8.     Mitch Joel – AKA- Twisty Turvy

Well who doesn’t know of Mitch Joel, I mean I have never explored the idea of blogging or social media before this but I knew him! The media hacker or hackers and an unabashed visionary when it comes to digital communications. I chose his blog on my roll to keep a reminder of the best of the best in the industry. Also to keep viewing what he has to say about social media and if I can keep up with him. To me he is the Steve Jobs of Digital Communications (its a personal view point- hope nobody gets offended!!)

  9.    Danny Brown – AKA- Danny Boy!

Well we had the conversationalist as #3 now for #9 lets please give a warm welcome to ‘The Story Teller’. I chose his site to show on my list because if you could not tell already I am a bit of a creativity enthusiast, I enjoy and  understand people who look at boxes but do not see them as boxes. Danny reflects this in his blogs and this is why I want to be in touch and showcase his posts to  whoever is reading. One of the greatest assets a blog can have is to enable its viewers to great information. In fact it is one of the major criteria when blogging. Danny is great information.

10.    Soshable – AKA- Sosh Able

The coolest thing about this site is that the About page is strictly about the site itself. Blunt. Honest. Rash. Brave. These are a few words that describe the site. Brilliant posts by a host of different writers and very well monitored, the site is a fun #10 on my list for these reasons.

Hope you enjoyed and please look through the blog roll and comment!

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  1. phirangizcorner February 1, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    does anybody know how to literally put the exact time stamp on a posting?
    If I click search for example 8 30 am it will show me blogs from that time, but how do I put this as a visual on the post itself?


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