Lost girl finding her way….

31 Jan

I totally agree, the enormous range of information out there regarding blog sites and starting your own blog site is manic!!
I think that the key is finding the right kind of information for you… as in how you can customize and make your blog relate to the kind of audience you want. The web world however is very volatile and can always throw you a curve ball and make your intended audience much larger than you anticipated as well as create a whole new set or degree of audience for you.
I was just browsing through some of the WordPress blogs and one girl had put up her blog for 4 days since yesterday and had over 10000 hits!!
That is impressive… her blog was simple yet appealing but most importantly her audience was captured perfectly. She had mentioned that all she had done really was post her blog site to her emailing list.
I have since started researching and analyzing the different methods of making blogs more visible// watch out for this space for more information regarding this!

BTW I love Weaving a Social Web’s blog post because I could really relate to the different weaving techniques she experienced during her web blogging journey 🙂

Peaches and Social Web Creme Fresh


weaving a social web

I’ve spent a good deal of time over the past few days exploring the world of social media blogs.  It’s both exciting, and daunting, to see how much information is out there.  It really makes me appreciate the value of aggregation tools such as google reader and pinterest, that allow you to organize your research and pick up ideas from others exploring in the same pathway.  It does beg the question though – how much time do you devote to following blogs and engaging in online discussions?  I feel like I could spend a good part of my day keeping up with just the 10 blogs I picked for my blogroll.  Not sure how my boss would feel about that! What is the best approach to keeping up with the new developments and new ideas in social media while still balancing that with other time commitments?


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  1. Kimberly Enciso February 3, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    Thanks for your submission, previously it was interesting and compelling. I stumbled upon my way here through Google, I’ll return one more time 🙂

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