Is social media killing print media?

31 Jan

The interesting thing about Print Media is that regardless of the decades of new forms of media being introduced into the world, it has stuck to being one of the most popular forms of media to date. Sure you have blogs/news sites/ vlogs/ you name it in terms of print alternatives in Social media. BUT the fact remains I think that Print, allows for local integration of a brand or product more so that global recognition or viral recognition such as social media would. This is my take on it.. 🙂

Astrid Sucipto

Social media has been around for a few years now but the growth of smart phones and apps have caused it to explode. You can do pretty much anything you want with social media – watch the news, watch videos, have conversations with friends and strangers, apply for a job, etc. The list is endless.

So what does this mean for print media? Is it dying? Is it eventually going to become obsolete?

It may seem that print media is dying with the amount of people using social media these days. But we have to keep in mind that there’s a correlation between technology and geographical areas. At work last week, I questioned the effectiveness of business ads that I was working on when I was reminded that these ads were for smaller communities such as Delhi, Simcoe, Strathford, etc. People in these smaller communities still rely heavily on newspapers for…

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